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Certification &
Testing of Products


There are a number of certifications that are required by national authorities as well as overseas buyers.

These are designed to ensure products like food and beverages are safe for consumption. Different food stakeholders offer food safety standards and certification systems that comply with a country’s national standards and are harmonized with the international protocols of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). In addition to the food safety management system, there is also organic certification. Outlined are the various types of certifications required by different approval Agencies.

I. Biosecurity Authority of Fiji Certification

II. Food Safety Management Certification

III. Fisheries Certification

All fisheries food products are to be certified by the Competent Authority (CA). Export permits are required for every consignment 48 hours prior to shipment.

Tuna Export to the European Union (EU) Market
Compliance to EU Fish Export Standards requires vessels, crew, processing plants and storage facilities to be certified by the CA. Fish exports need to be accompanied by Catch Certificates confirming that the fish caught by Fiji fishing vessels are not caught illegally.

Tuna Export to International Markets
For major markets such as the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, EU, NZ, China, Taiwan and Thailand, the exporter is required to adopt and implement the following food safety systems:

IV. Forestry Certification

V. Organic Certification

Organic certifications are now being used by businesses to certify that their product is genuinely organic. There are various organic schemes that are used in Fiji, listed below:

For further information regarding organic certification, POETCom can be contacted via this website link


Product testing is now becoming an important part of export. Buyers from overseas markets are now requiring products to be tested on certain elements or components. This is to ensure that they are buying high-quality products that can compete in the market.

I. Institute of Applied Science (IAS) – USP

IAS Laboratory Service Unit conducts physical, chemical and microbiological analysis. It holds an extensive equipment base that is key to providing an analytical service in Fiji. Listed below are the five key areas of analysis or testing undertaken by the IAS laboratory:

The full details of all the above analysis can be accessed via this website link

II. Fiji Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory

The Koronivia Research Station is accredited to undertake soil testing and plant testing.

III. Contact Details

Laboratory Services Unit

Institute of Applied ScienceUniversity of the South PacificLaucala Bay Campus
+679 3232 965

Koronivia Research Station

P.O Box 77 Nausori,
+679 3477 044

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